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by Lara Roche-Sudar

Lotus YSUPLotus Yoga Stand-up Paddleboard || $999.00

You’ve probably noticed that yoga has gone from being a subversive hippy culture to being so mainstream that yoga studios are vying with Starbucks for ubiquity these days. If you’ve thought about trying yoga, but can’t bring yourself to leave the water for too long, there’s even an option for you: yoga paddle boarding, which combines the physical techniques of a yoga class with the adventure of water sports. Not sure what board to buy? Advanced Elements, a California company specializing in inflatable kayaks, has a variety of boards to choose from, including the inflatable Lotus YSUP (yoga stand-up paddleboard).

While inflatable boards are not generally the go-to option in terms of performance, they have advantages that are uniquely suited to the yoga paddleboarder. For one, an inflatable board is lighter and more easily transportable. The Lotus board can fit easily into a car trunk or be packed with your luggage for plane travel, and takes a matter of minutes to inflate. The inflatable nature of the board, in addition to ease of transportation, provides a similar feel to the slightly cushioned surface of a yoga mat, making it ideal for water-bound yogis. At a length of 10 feet and beam of 32 inches, and supporting weight up to 200 pounds, the board will accommodate most practitioners—or even one adult and one junior yogi!

The Lotus YSUP comes in a spunky shade of orange, and is made of high pressure six-inch-thick drop-stitch material for support and high-quality performance. It also comes with a detachable shoulder strap and provides good traction for extra stability in your poses. The board can be purchased at advancedelements.com for $999.99 (includes a pump to inflate the board).

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