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Phoozy: Hot and Cold

by Norris Comer

Phoozy Phone Capsule / $29.99

PhoozyThe latest in all-weather smartphone protection is a good-looking Phoozy, the world’s first thermal capsule for phones, from eXclaim IP, LLC. If you work and play in the sun, or in extreme temperatures, your phone can play along now, protected by the Phoozy’s Chromium Shell™ military grade fabric and Impactor Core™ drop protection lining. Phones and batteries can overheat in direct sunlight, high ambient temperatures, and on heated surfaces.

Phoozy was developed to keep your phone at ideal operating temperature and reduce long-term damage to battery life. The manufacturer estimates the pouch’s outer shell reflects more than 90 percent of the sun’s energy and won’t interfere with Bluetooth or cellular signals. Once the seasons change, the Phoozy is cold-proof rated to -20˚F.

Water sports enthusiasts will appreciate the float protection offered by the thermal capsule; drop your Phoozy-protected phone in the water and it will float at the surface and wait for rescue! Worried about your touch screen? Phoozy has a built in Soft Touch Protective Liner. The manufacturer says the protective technology used in the Phoozy is the same material developed to protect astronauts; what a great way to keep your critical technology tools safe from the elements here on Earth!

The Phoozy comes in a wide variety of sizes to fit your phone: the manufacturer recommends ordering a larger size if you already use a protective case. Phoozy cases are $29.99 and come with a one-year warranty. Order at phoozy.com and select outdoor retailers.

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