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Safe, Easy and Fast Fuel Filling

by Bruce Hedrick

In the Northwest we are pretty much spoiled by having it relatively easy to refuel your boat. Just drive up to the fuel dock and you are good to go. The reality is that once you get beyond here it becomes increasingly more difficult and more expensive to refuel in some of the out-of-way places boaters in the Northwest tend to cruise to. In some places, there’s no dock so you chuck the fuel containers into the dink, row to the beach and then hike inland to a gas station. And that’s just the first half of the potential challenges. Next you’ve got to get the container, which is much heavier now that it’s filled, back up and on to the deck. Then if the boat is moving around at all, how do you hold onto the container, get the hose into the deck fill and still have a hand to hold yourself onto the boat so as to not dump fuel on the deck?Speedy Fuel

Luckily, a very experienced boater up in Mukilteo has come up with a very simple solution that solves all these problems. OK, you still have to get to a fuel source however now, even in a seaway, you have a safe, fast and easy way to refuel your vessel from a portable fuel container.

The Speedy Fill kit includes a barb adapter, hose, vent valve, Vitron O-rings. You can purchase the Midwest double handed fuel container from Wal-Mart or Ace Hardware. The key to making refueling fast is the installing this truly proper vent valve on the side of the container opposite the filler spout. Once you’ve done that just follow the directions and you are set to go.

You can order the Speedy Fill by email from SpeedyFill@Yahoo.com or give them a call at 425-330-6831.

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