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Sleek New Cleats

by Norris Comer

Weather Cleats by Antal // $308.08

CleatsThese versatile cleats will keep your lines tidy and in perfect order. With a flick of the wrist you can open or close the roller, even if the line is on. It’s simply a matter of turning one of the horns.

With the roller in the open position, it’s easy to tie up your vessel or remove the lines. In the closed position, it takes up less space and keeps your lines from getting tangled up. The best part is that this style of cleat ensures objects, like your feet, don’t slide under the cleat and get damaged.

Additionally, roller cleats increase safety onboard because they work great as footrests. Your lines will not be damaged and installation is easy and inexpensive. Roller cleats are available in four sizes and two finishes – silver or black anodized. Prices start at $308.08 for loads up to 4,400-pounds or a boat up to 36 feet at fisheriessupply.com.

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