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Jules Verne in Miniature

by Norris Comer

HydroView Sport ROV // $5,795

Jules-VerneCivilian drones have taken over the skies, and now remotely operated vehicles (ROVs, aka, submarines) are available to the common person to explore the deep. The HydroView Sport ROV from Aquabotix is a remote controlled submarine that records live video that the driver can enjoy from his or her laptop or tablet on shore. The vehicle’s thrust, direction, and depth can be controlled on-screen with one’s iPad, a video game controller, or keyboard to give the driver the feeling of flying under the water.

The applications range from the hobbyist kicks of the marine scientists and thrill seekers among us to professional safety
checks for yacht clubs and marinas. The HydroView ROV does require a tether to shore in order to transmit its footage and get power, and the length of the tether ranges from 75 to 200 feet depending on which model one goes with. The HydroView comes in three different models, ranging from the basic HydroView Sport with 75 feet of cable and 8 GB of memory, to the Hydroview Max which has 200 feet of cable, 32 GB of memory, orientation, depth, and temperature sensors, a high performance power package, and propeller covers. The middle of the road HydroView Plus has 150 feet of cable, 32 GB of memory, and the orientation sensor.

What are you waiting for, an invitation from Captain Nemo? Check out aquabotix.com for pricing options. The HydroView Sport is available for around $5,795.

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