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Wind in your (tiny) Sail

by Eva Seelye

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Paddle SailPeople have used the wind to power ships for thousands of years, and now even the humble paddleboard can take advantage of a free ride. The DaSail Econo SUP Paddle has a 12’ sail that folds right into the handle.

DaSail Paddle inventor Curt Siverts got the idea for the unique paddle after watching paddleboarders muscle their way past his boat. The original design featured a fan-shaped sail that was later dropped for the more practical triangle shape of the new design.

To launch the sail, pull the handle off and slide the rigging out from the hollow shaft. This process takes less than five seconds. The shaft is made from lightweight carbon fiber and the paddle is made of a durable ABS plastic. The paddle is adjustable from 74” to 93” when in paddle mode and 120” to 139” in sail mode.

The paddle’s sails come in three colors, Sunset Orange, Lime Green, and Tropical Yellow. If you want to add a little extra range to your next paddleboard trip, or are just feeling lazy, think about the DaSail Econo SUP Paddle. Starts from $199.99, more info at sailpaddle.com.

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