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Spectra’s Z-ion System Shuts Down Smells

by Kurt Hoehne

The Seattle Boat Show opens tomorrow! Here’s another great new product, this one from Spectra Watermakers. Factory rep Ray Carter will be in the Emerald Harbor Marine booth at times during the show to answer any questions. Here’s the press release:

An increasing number of Pacific Northwest boaters are adding watermakers to their vessel’s cruising system. One of the biggest challengers watermakers face is keeping all the microbial growth, and odors, out of the plumbing when the plumbing isn’t being used often. Spectra Watermakers has tackled that problem head on and come up with a solution for both new installs and existing Spectra systems.

When a watermaker is shut down and flushed with freshwater there are small amounts of bacteria and microbes that grow, consume all the oxygen in the water and then begin to decompose which causes the formation of hydrogen sulfide (the rotten egg smell), which is also what turns filters black.Z-Ion

The Z-ION disinfects systems eliminating microbial growth and odors for up to a month after each use.

The Z-ION goes into action during the fresh water flush cycle producing silver ions that flood the entire system. Silver is a well-known and powerful disinfectant that eliminates the microbes and bacteria that that can damage your watermaker. Best of all each fresh water flush with the Z-ion will last a month or more so no more short term pickling or flushing every 5 days.

The Z-ION is completely automatic and draws only 15 watts during the fresh water flush cycle (in stand-by it draws <1 watt). When freshwater flows through the carbon filter, the ionizer starts and distributes silver ions disinfecting the entire system. The typical useful the lifespan of the electrode assembly will be 2 to 3 years and can be easily replaced.

The Z-ion can be retrofitted to all Spectra systems and can operate on 12V or 24V.

Emerald Harbor Marine, Elliott Bay Marina, 2601 W Marina Pl., Suite T, Seattle, WA, 98199. www.emharbor.com, (206) 285-3632.

The Secret Of Silver

The Greeks learned as far back as 800AD that vessels made from silver would keep water and other liquids fresh. The Romans stocked wine in silver urns to avoid spoilage. During the Middle Ages, the wealthy used silver to help protect them from the plague. Pioneers trudging across the American West placed silver and copper coins in their water to help keep drinking water safe from bacteria, algae and diseases.

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